Our vision

building meaningful

As the famous saying goes, "Alone, we go faster. Together, we go further". Building meaningful relationships with our community is part of our DNA. We want to make a real impact, and to do that, we need to surround ourselves with the right people.

Our partners_

Yack is very specialized, since we focus on offensive security. That said, we want to be able to advise our customers to the best of our ability on their other security challenges. To achieve this, we have surrounded ourselves with experts in complementary fields. These people have our full confidence, so we're happy to refer them to you.
Assurance IT
" Assurance IT partners with innovative technology leaders to offer a wide range of business continuity solutions. Plus, our Canadian hosted and managed data centers use industry-leading software platforms to store and protect your organization’s precious data while offering easy and intuitive solutions. "
" Eficio is dedicated to energizing the digital transformation of enterprises with agile and accessible solutions, aimed at bridging the access gap to high-level resources such as IT executives (CIO-CISO). We offer an extensive range of services and products, including CIO 360 IT diagnostics, CISO360 cybersecurity, Roadmap 4.0 initiative and artificial intelligence ideation illustrates our commitment to supporting companies in their digital transformation readiness, aligning digital initiatives with companies' strategic plans to improve their competitive positioning. "

There's no better way to understand our customers' real issues than to talk to them regularly and listen to what they have to say. Yack is a member of the following groups, and we regularly take part in their events.

Our impact_

Through our penetration tests, we help to improve the level of cybersecurity in SMEs, and thus protect society from the harmful consequences of a cyber attack.

In keeping with our "we go the extra mile" values, we are also keen to contribute to causes close to our hearts through other initiatives.

To mark International Panda Day on March 16, Yack donated $1 to WWF for every Microsoft vulnerability released in 2023. With our cybersecurity awareness guide, we'd started #sauvonslespandas in reference to our "A panda dies as soon as someone uses the password 123456" section.

We decided to save the pandas for real!

There were 1022 CVEs on Microsoft products in 2023, so we decided to donate $1022 to the WWF foundation to save the pandas. In addition to our donation, we raised an additional $682 to help WWF in its mission.


In November 2023, we had the pleasure of sponsoring the CTF intercegeps at Cégep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, which challenged 40 students to a hacking competition. Nicholas came to speak with the kids, and we offered members of the winning team 6 months' access to the Try Hack me platform to help them stepper up their game. Nicholas also spoke to the students in the computer club, introducing them to the realities of being a penetration test specialist and helping them on their study path.


Talking to the younger generation is very important to us.
In November 2023, we went to meet young people and talk to them about entrepreneurship as part of the Entrepreneurs' Week at school organized by OSEntreprendre. Nicholas went to meet teenagers at Jacques-Leber school in Saint-Constant and Cyndie went to talk to students at Le Phénix school in Quebec City. Great exchanges, and we couldn't resist taking a few minutes to do some basic cybersecurity awareness 🙄

Why Yack?

First, for those of you who don't know, the yak is an animal. The energy it radiates (chill with its toupee, but we wouldn't want to piss it off with its horns...) represents us well, and the nerdiest among you might see the little nod to Linux 😉. Of course, Yack's resemblance to Hack is no mere coincidence. It's also a short, punchy name that, once again, sounds like us. Finally, it's a word that earns you 24 points in Scrabble (hello Office de la langue française). Why did you choose .one? In offensive security, all it takes is one attack..."
A little more about us

"Pourquoi Yack?

First, pour ceux qui ne le savent pas, le yack est un animal. L'énergie qu'il dégage (chill avec son toupet, mais on ne voudrait pas l'énerver avec ses cornes...) nous représente bien, et les plus nerds d'entre vous verront peut-être le petit clin d'œil à Linux 😉. Bien sûr, la ressemblance de Yack avec Hack n'est pas une simple coïncidence. C'est aussi un nom court, qui punch, et qui encore une fois, nous ressemble. Enfin, c'est un mot qui te rapporte 24 points au scrabble (bonjour office de la langue française). Pourquoi avoir choisi .one? En sécurité offensive, il suffit d'une (one) attaque..."
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