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June 11th 2024
Confluence 2024: Cyndie took part in the pitch competition organized by Relève CCIGL at the event, and had the honor of winning first place.
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April 25th 2024
Gala de l'excellence de la CCI du Haut Richelieu: Yack qualified as a finalist for the "Coup de pouce Aile jeunesse" bursary category.
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Defi OSEntreprendre Sceau Laureat local 2024
April 4th 2024
OSEntreprendre challenge: Yack was chosen as the local winner in the "Business Creation" for the « corporate services » category for the Haut-Richelieu MRC.
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March 18th 2024
Podcast - Le Meeting des Ventes du Lundi: Cyndie was invited by Simon Harvey on his podcast to discuss sales, her career and Yack.
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cyber citoyen
October 22th 2023
Podcast cyber citoyen: We had the pleasure of being invited by Sam Harper on his podcast « cyber citoyen » to try and demystify offensive cybersecurity and talk cybersecurity in general.
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October 18th 2023
GEM 2022 Report (Status of entrepreneurial activity in Quebec): We were invited to participate in the report by giving our vision of entrepreneurship and Yack.
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Why Yack?

First, for those of you who don't know, the yak is an animal. The energy it radiates (chill with its toupee, but we wouldn't want to piss it off with its horns...) represents us well, and the nerdiest among you might see the little nod to Linux 😉. Of course, Yack's resemblance to Hack is no mere coincidence. It's also a short, punchy name that, once again, sounds like us. Finally, it's a word that earns you 24 points in Scrabble (hello Office de la langue française). Why did you choose .one? In offensive security, all it takes is one attack..."
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"Pourquoi Yack?

First, pour ceux qui ne le savent pas, le yack est un animal. L'énergie qu'il dégage (chill avec son toupet, mais on ne voudrait pas l'énerver avec ses cornes...) nous représente bien, et les plus nerds d'entre vous verront peut-être le petit clin d'œil à Linux 😉. Bien sûr, la ressemblance de Yack avec Hack n'est pas une simple coïncidence. C'est aussi un nom court, qui punch, et qui encore une fois, nous ressemble. Enfin, c'est un mot qui te rapporte 24 points au scrabble (bonjour office de la langue française). Pourquoi avoir choisi .one? En sécurité offensive, il suffit d'une (one) attaque..."
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